Amid Turkish aggression, Rhōmanía spearheads condemnation by Hellenic League

HAGIOUPOLIS, 22 JUL – Responding to the recent aggressive actions by the Republic of Turkey against Greece and Cyprus, Rhōmanía has led an initiative of awareness against the Turkish destabilising factor. After bringing forward the issue in the Synod of the League of Hellenistic Micronations, an international organisation aimed toward culturally Greek micronations in the Eastern Mediterranean and abroad, the League’s premier legislative body has issued a joint statement aimed towards all directions, with the purpose of making the situation known to all foreign friends of the League and asking for their support.

The statement comes at a time when the violation of Greek and Cypriot sovereignty makes military engagement a possibility and threatens the well being of all nations in the region, including the Greek micronations which could easily become a field of battle should military action does indeed take place.

The press release mentions the migrant crisis, the conversion of Hagia Sophia to a mosque and the planned drilling within Greek and Cypriot EEZs, all of which are tools used to put pressure on the aforementioned countries and the European Union in general.

We […] call on every foreign ally and friend of ours to condemn the above actions and join us on the front line against these extremely dangerous movements that can only bring destruction to our region and are not in anyone’s interest“, the statement concludes.

The entire document, titled “Turkish provocation as a destabilizing factor in the region of our nations” is available in both Greek and English, and can be found here.

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