Government issues statement regarding Belarus

The office of the Megas Logothetes, responsible for the foreign affairs of the Empire, has released the following statement regarding the current situation in Belarus:


Kingdom of Mouzilo,
Thursday, XX. August MMXX AD

We are constantly monitoring the situation in the Republic of Belarus with great interest, but also great concern.

Our Basileía wishes for the peaceful transition of the Republic into a place where all citizens feel welcome and free in their own country. At the same time, we are hoping for the resolution of this civil conflict with an outcome that is deemed satisfactory for all relevant sides.

However, we cannot but condemn the escalating violence witnessed in the public demonstrations of the Byelorussian people. On this day and age, resorting to violence to prove one’s might and right, often proves the opposite. We call for the immediate end of police violence and urge all sides to sit on the round table of discussions, so that a new and prosperous future for Belarus becomes a reality.

With information from the Roman News Agency

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