Debate sparks over regnal numbering

An unusual yet important constitutional debate has recently surfaced in Rhomania regarding the regnal name and numbering of current Basileus Emmanuel I & II.

The debate does not concern the dual numbering used (I for the Basileia of the Romans and II for the Kingdom of Mouzilo), rather whether the regnal name, and by extent the numbering used by the Monarch, are appropriate and historically correct.

According to the proposed changes made to the Basilikon section of the Fundamental Laws of the Basileia of the Romans, all previous Roman Emperors and Greek Kings are counted in the official regnal numbering system of the Empire. As such, the last King of Greece, Constantine II (reigned 1964-1973), is officially counted as Constantine XIII, continuing the numbering after Constantine XI Palaeologus, who died in 1453. Following this system, some say, the current Basileus of Rhomania should not use the regnal name Emmanuel I & II, rather Manuel III & II, continuing the numbering after Manuel II Palaeologus, despite Emmanuel and Manuel being the same name.

On the contrary, the counter argument suggests that since the two names are not exactly the same, no changes should be made: the current name and numbers should stay as they are to denote the new era of the Roman Imperial Tradition.

Out of the two arguments, the first opinion seems to be gathering more support. The result will come when the changes to the Fundamental Laws are over, set for the end of the month, and will be accompanied by a variety of changes harmonizing the state with (late) Roman Imperial Tradition.

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