Basileus Emmanuel I & II Returns, Releases Statement

Basileus Emmanuel I & II, our Nation’s Monarch, has announced his return to the political scene of Rhomania following his mandatory conscription into the Hellenic Army and subsequent leave from active political duty.

In the statement released just moments ago, the Basileus has emphasized the knowledge gained from military training and structure as well as the possibility of implementation of those practices to Romaean governmental structure.

Emmanuel I & II has also thanked Antibasileus and Sebastokrator Aggelos I the Imvrassian for his work during this period of absence, while also making comments about Rhomania’s 10th anniversary and the future ahead.

The statement reads:

Dear citizens, dear friends,

The last 9 months have been marked by Our absence from the political scene of our Nation. As you are all aware, that was inevitably caused by the obligation of military service fulfillment in the Hellenic Army, an experience which taught Us a variety of many new skills not only in the field of combat but also in organization and management, as well as strategical approaches to problem-solving. During this period of extended absence, Antibasileus and Sebastokrator Aggelos I the Imvrassian performed excellently in his duties as Our Surrogate, and for that, We thank him deeply and look forward to additional cooperation in the future. Our two Nations, the Basileia of the Romans and the Empire of Imvrassia, have shared the most important and admirable kind of relations since Our very first day, and we have no reason to believe that this extraordinary friendship will not remain as strong as a rock for many years to come.

Our military experience in the Special Forces of the Army of Greece was one-of-a-kind and high-performance, yet also challenging. During Our tenure in the ranks of the Hellenic Army, We distinguished Ourselves, earning the “Warrior” distinction – awarded only to the 3 best performing soldiers of each Class – and were honored in being nominated by Our Captain for the distinctive rank of the Lance Corporal. Additionally, our service in the Headquarters Company offices gave Us useful knowledge to implement in the military and civil organization of Rhomania, in Our quest for excellence.

Looking forward, We will be creating greater bonds with our fellow Hellenistic states and all other allies and friends and will be seeking to implement common policies with Our allies in the Based Commonwealth. Additionally, We will be adopting new services, agendas, and policies while also improving and working upon already extant ones.

Our return to the active political scene marks a new era for Rhomania, one illuminated by the brightest lights of Wisdom, Faith, Innovation, and Optimism. As We come near to Our 9th year in the Throne and Rhomania’s 10th anniversary, all signs show that a promise can be made: Our Nation will be returning to its natural habitat, which is the top.

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