95th anniversary of the Greek genocide.

Even though May 19th is generally considered to be a day of joy and celebration, as the date marks Mouzilo’s birthday, it also comes to remind the Mouzeliot people a sad event and a black page in the History of the Hellenic Ethnos.

The comment of “The Lincoln Daily Star” newspaper of October 19, 1917, is characteristic.

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A quick synopsis of 2013.

As it is 2014 already in Mouzilo, the Tribune makes a quick summary of the most important events that took place in or affected Mouzilo in 2013. 21-24 Jan: The Civil Conflict of Mouzilo takes place. The Conflict lasted 3 days and resulted in both the creation of ASPRM – the Autonomous Socialist People’s Republic of Mouzilo– and the temporary ban of the parliament; a black page in … Continue reading A quick synopsis of 2013.

Mouzeliot transition to direct Democracy

As expected, by Mouzeliot citizens and politicians, Mouzilo abolished monarchy and replaced it with Athenian Democracy, the first and purest form of democracy in human history, the basis of our modern “democratic” states. This, as evidenced and expected, is the largest of a series of measures for the reorganization of the state, which was necessary for the development of Mouzilo into a more serious and professional … Continue reading Mouzeliot transition to direct Democracy

The Mouzeliot Government will offer support to Greek police.

For over a month now, Greek police has been searching for the 5 Albanian murderers, who, not only escaped Trikala prisons, but also killed a policeman in Distomo city of Boeotia. Last week, classifying it as a “case of great emergency”, Greek police decided to bring EKAM-the counter terrorist unit of the Greek Police- and this week, as rumors had it that the Albanians were … Continue reading The Mouzeliot Government will offer support to Greek police.

Mouzilo gov. reacts to the shutdown of ERT.

As a reaction to the Greek government’s decision to shut down ERT, the Hellenic Radio-Television, the Mouzeliot gov. decided to livestream the content which is, unfortunately, broadcasted “illegally” via internet and satellite. UPDATE: While EBU supposedly transmitted the signal of ERT after the government shut it down, this morning (16/6/2013) EBU stopped broadcasting ERT’s signal. Currently, one can watch ERT only through internet. Mouzilo supports … Continue reading Mouzilo gov. reacts to the shutdown of ERT.

National Week declared

Manupol, Manupol District, Mouzilo Empire The Emperor, Manu the Second, as part of the celebrations for one year passing since the state’s createation, declared that from now on, the 7 days starting from 19th of May of every year, will be called “National Weeks” and will be exclusively devoted on celebrating the foundation of the Empire. However, for this year, some seem to be not … Continue reading National Week declared

Mouzilo acquires Greek state land-will the dream of independence come true?

The Mouzeliot Government managed this week to acquire land from the Greek state, estimated in an area of 100 stremmas*, which is around 10 sq. kilometers-almost as big as the Mouzeliot Federal District, though in a different location. Now, after this development, Mouzilo reaches the UN standards, that say, that in order for a nation to be considered as a country, it must have a … Continue reading Mouzilo acquires Greek state land-will the dream of independence come true?

Manu II visited Nyclos

The Mouzeliot Emperor, Manu the Second, visited the state of Nyclos, where he met with the Nyclonese leader, Nico Fors. Mr. Fors, accepted the Emperor in his home, where the two men discussed many topics, varying from political to general, such as laws, the APM’s mail to the UN, micronationalism as a phenomenon, but also religion and free time activities. Finally, the two nations signed … Continue reading Manu II visited Nyclos