Gov. statement regarding conversion of Chora Church to Mosque by Turkey

Reacting to the conversion of Chora Church to a Mosque by Turkish authorities, the office of the Megas Logothetes has released the following statement:


Kingdom of Mouzilo,
Saturday, XXII. August MMXX AD

In yet another act of barbarism, the Government of the Republic of Turkey has decided to conduct politics with a medieval mindset. After the reprehensible act of turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque last month, it is now the turn of the beautiful Chora Church to become a muslim place of worship, reverting it from its status as a museum, which it has been since 1945.

Though this move certainly comes as no surprise and is perfectly aligned with President Erdogan’s desire to become a new Sultan, it nevertheless deserves the condemnation of the entirety of the civilised world. This new attack on Christian and Eastern Roman civilisation should not be tolerated.

We urge Turkey to come to its senses and refrain from such actions which serve none but Erdogan himself and which alienate Turkey from the Rest of the International Community.

With information from the Roman News Agency

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